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Patent and Trademark Law and Practice

Made Simple for the

Toy and Gaming Industry

Patent and Trademark Law and Practice Made Simple for the Toy and Gaming Industry

From my twelve years in the practice of creating, acquiring, licensing, and litigating patents and trademarks, including for a number of my toy and gaming industry clients, I have developed some ways of making this process a bit simpler to understand and follow. I have found that most of my clients' and colleagues' concerns fall into one or more of the following four fields:

  1. clearing a product or process (that is, making sure it is cleared for marketing)
  2. filing patent applications (and the patent examination)
  3. licensing patent rights (or vice versa, obtaining all necessary rights)
  4. enforcing patent rights (or defending against an allegation of patent infringement)

This site should provide some clarity as to any concerns you may have, and if not, please contact me directly.

I thank you for your interest,

Kelly W. Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham chairs the Games, Gaming, and Entertainment practice at Cislo & Thomas LLP


Mr. Cunningham and his partners and associates at Cislo & Thomas LLP handle all aspects of clearance, filing, prosecution, licensing, maintaining and litigating intellectual property matters for their games, toys, sports equipment, and gaming industry clients, attending to their patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, trade dress or domain name issues, as well as assist, advise, and work together with their in-house and outside attorneys to meet their goals in a highly efficient manner.

We handle all aspects of patent, copyright and trademark searching, clearance, filing, licensing, maintenance, recordation, and litigation. In addition we are experts in legal matters concerning trade secrets, domain name, search engine terms, false advertising, U.S. Customs intellectual property enforcement and unfair competition. Many of our clients are in the games, novelties, and gaming industries, as well as many other fields and other types of goods and services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality intellectual property services to better serve our clients and be as convenient for them as possible. We also have a network of foreign associates we have been successfully working with for over twenty years to obtain any foreign patent, copyright and trademark protection and enforcement throughout the world.

Our staff has extensive training in many technical fields and engineering with Ph.D.'s on staff to best understand the technology we are charged to protect. In addition, our attorneys are admitted to the United States Patent Bar as well as many state bars as well. This allows us to not only understand and procure any intellectual property protection, but also to defend these rights in court as we pride ourselves on our extensive litigation experience in numerous federal district courts throughout the nation.

Cislo & Thomas LLP serves the following fields: games and novelties, methods of protecting the intellectual property of our game and gaming industry clients, direct response marketing, internet services businesses, food services, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, education, and make or sell consumer products, industrial tools and supplies, aviation and aerospace components, beverages, food products, as well as many other types of goods and services.

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We are active in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, and trade secret law. This includes clearance, searching, filing, prosecution, licensing, maintaining and litigating patent, trademark and copyright matters, as well as unfair competition, false advertising, idea theft and trade secret misappropriation, trademark or copyright attorneys and lawyers who are admitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and various courts throughout the United States and practice extensively before the U.S. Copyright Office and the U.S. Customs Office for recording and enforcing intellectual property rights of all kinds, including patent, copyright and trademark rights.